Kerstin´s final summarizing blog

Some of the most important things that I´ve learnt through my engagement in the ONL162 course is the importance of self-motivation and management of time when learning online. To contribute actively is important and I am happy that I participated as actively as possible and fully engaged in my learning in order to complete this course. It was good to have deadlines for the meetings in the PBL group and the schedule of the various topics set by the course leaders. These requirements among other things helped me to manage my time efficiently.

In the beginning of the course it also took time to become familiar and comfortable with the use of technology. I´ve also learnt the importance of having a good quality computer and internet access and always have a “plan B” in case of computer or other technical problems, when you are going to participate in discussions online. I think it´s necessary to immediately ask for help and communicate with computer technicians or facilitators if you experience technical difficulties.

Another challenge for me was to write and communicate in English since I have previously been most used to read English texts. But even that began to work better during this course, but I know that I need a lot more training to write and speak English. To write and communicate in English is something that I, besides using me of more digital resources, will develop for the future. I think that I will use digital resources to enhance learning/teaching in many ways, for example as a way to introduce students to a topic, as a stimulus to group or whole-class discussion, as a part of a lecture or demonstration and to engage students in activities that are not possible in a classroom.

Collaborative learning is possible for my students with the new technology through many different means, such as online discussion groups, interactive platforms and online classroom environments. The students can work together on group projects, publish on blogs, solve problems, have debates and study teams and use computer tools and resources to search for information and create products. Using technology for collaboration allows my students to engage in conversations and learn synchronously or asynchronously, no matter where they may be attending a course. All the time technology is changing and as a future teacher I will continue to develop my understanding and practice regarding the use of technology to help my students to learn effectively.


5 thoughts on “Kerstin´s final summarizing blog

  1. Oh, how I can relate to what you are have written here,Kerstin! I’ve also struggled with the English aspect of this course:-) I also agree with you on how we can use digital and open tools much more often in our teaching and to let students use them as well.


  2. Kerstin, I like you mentioned the time management. It’s important, many people drop out because of lack of time management skills. Congrats for keeping with the course and finishing it. I guess you are much better right now managing you learning. And the language…, yes I agree, it’s also a challange for me, but where to find a better place for practicing communication than in online environment where it’s the most challanging! Congrats!


  3. Hello Kerstin! Like you I think I can make use of the knowledge obtained through this course in my future work with students. I don´t know to which extent online networking is a help during a regular course with one group of students, but as soon as one needs to solve differences in time and space aspects and create collaboration opportunities between two or more groups/individuals, it starts to get really interesting, I think. And if non of these aspects are part of the original setting of the course, why not start inventing them?!

    I´d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your participation in the course and in our group. You have a calmness and positive attitude which has been a great support to me and I assume for the others in our group too. Even your English difficulties helped me, because I could identify with them. And that always feels better, doesn´t it?

    Best wishes for the future and merry christmas to you!


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